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April 22, 2008

Social bookmarking:Delicious.com

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“I have everything in my favorites in my computer, I cannot remember those URL when I am using your computer”, my friend complained as we were developing a training seesion. Then I asked: “Have you tried del.icio.us, or furl?”. “What are you talking about, I am talking computers here”…”me, too” I explained.

“How would you feel about having all your bookmarks or favorite sites in an Internet bookmark, as a list of favorites that you find in any browser, in any machine connected to the Internet?” I asked…”That would be a future perfect!” my friend exclaimed. “Let me take you to that future” I said, and I “walked her through” the del.icio.us tutorials online. “I can’t wait to try this myself”, she said, and a couple of hours later my del.icio.us account was being hit several times by my friend and I was receiving new and very interesting links from her, who, (of course) is in my network.

So what is so special about del.icio.us or other social bookmarking sites? (more…)


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