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April 22, 2008

Using Google docs for teaching and research

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Why do I use Google Docs a lot?

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Being able to work in a same text document, or power point, or spreadsheet is something that many of us value a lot after having spent several hours trying to find a document or the last version of that paper or presentation that we we preparing with someone else. It is not the same to keep sending and re-sending attachments of the same document, going over a rainbow of colors in the comments and tracking, and at the end, not knowing which one is the last version.

This blog will show first a video of Google Docs in Plain English is a good introduction to the concept, then you will see a link to my video on how to get started, and finally a link to the Google tutorials with more details and ideas.Finally you will see a list of possible pedagogical and collaborative applications of these tools.



April 21, 2008

Using Gizmo as a teaching resource

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In this post I am going to introduce Gizmo as an application and as a teaching resource.

Gizmo5 operates on SIPphone VoIP platform and it offers free VoIP services. It is a new way to use voice, a way where calls were free. It is very similar to Skype but has some unique features that make it appealing for online conferencing

To read more about Gizmo, click below,


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