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September 3, 2009

Recording voice messages for your class, and audio feedback too!

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Recording voice and uploading to a website or online course system may require certain steps, as you may have seen in my tutorials on how to use Audacity. Or it may be very simple if you just use a chat application that allows you to record a voice message and sends it back to your email as an mp3 file. You take that file, embed into your website or course, and that’s it…
This is what i tried with Google Talk and it worked really well, so I am going to share what I did:

1. I opened Google Talk and from my list of contacts I selected one and clicked on the arrow that shows me the option of sending a voice mail

Select voicemail in G Talk

Select voicemail in G Talk

2. The message will start recording after a “Beep”. When you are done recording you click “End Call”

Record and end call

Record and end call

3. When you ended the call, your contact will receive the mp3 file in their gmail, in this format:

G talk mp3 file and console in email

G talk mp3 file and console in email

You can send a voicemail to yourself so that you receive that file, or you can have the contact send the mp3 file back to you.

4. Download the mp3 file and you can use it directly in your course, blog or website, or you can also edit it with audacity.

This is an example:

Sample of MP3 recorded in G Talk

How can I use that in my online course site?

1. Create a welcome message for your students

2. Provide audio feedback for their assignments

3. Add audio to images, screenshots or powerpoints

4. Create podcasts with information, minilectures or comments to your class.


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