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April 22, 2008

Social bookmarking:Delicious.com

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“I have everything in my favorites in my computer, I cannot remember those URL when I am using your computer”, my friend complained as we were developing a training seesion. Then I asked: “Have you tried del.icio.us, or furl?”. “What are you talking about, I am talking computers here”…”me, too” I explained.

“How would you feel about having all your bookmarks or favorite sites in an Internet bookmark, as a list of favorites that you find in any browser, in any machine connected to the Internet?” I asked…”That would be a future perfect!” my friend exclaimed. “Let me take you to that future” I said, and I “walked her through” the del.icio.us tutorials online. “I can’t wait to try this myself”, she said, and a couple of hours later my del.icio.us account was being hit several times by my friend and I was receiving new and very interesting links from her, who, (of course) is in my network.

So what is so special about del.icio.us or other social bookmarking sites?

– Reach your bookmarks from any browser, from anywhere and from any computer connected to the web (How to install buttons on your browser)

Share bookmarks with different groups, create tags that you share with others, and build a library of web resources with your class.

Find links from other users with common interests, you can go to the sites created by other users who also save your links and explore what sites they have bookmarked in your area of interest.

– Subscribe to topics that are important to you or subscribe to specific topics by a user ( Open instructons how)

How do you get started?

There are several tutorials that will help you get started:

  • Social Bookmarking in Plain English

I have an ID but I only need to install the buttons

If you only need to install the buttons in your browser, follow this link: INSTALL BUTTONS, remember that you may need to close your browser after the installation, and when you re open it you will see the buttons.

How can my teaching and professional performance benefit from the use of del.icio.us

  • Research – Keep track of all online resources that you use in your writings, or if you are researching an industry, or if you need to store all links to all information about a particular topic in one place.
  • Podcast – Post your podcasts or listen to other member’s podcastas. Start posting your mp3 files to del.icio.us and del.icio.us will create an RSS feed for you.
  • Reference log or library list Create a library list for your class with notes that explain what each article is about, or providing instructions to activities for each reading.
  • Collaboration – Friends, coworkers, and other groups can use a shared account, special tag, or their del.icio.us networks to collect and organize bookmarks that are relevant — and useful — to the entire group.
  • Vacation – Save links to hotels, activities, and transportation and use meaningful tags to find your links online. Share with friends and family adding “for:username” tag when you save your tags.
  • Cookbook – Save the favorites recipes to del.icio.us. Use meaningful tags, and you will easily find that recipe when you are looking for it.

Other ways to integrate del.icio.us to your website and other uses:

If you want to explore other uses of del.icio.us and how to integrate that into your class website or other sites, go to http://delicious.com/settings/


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